- Scott Hendry, Specialized Landscaping
Full Support for PDF drawings.  You can bid with electronic documents from any source. No more missed opportunities because of short notice!
Get the competitive advantage of bidding hard to bid projects.
Upload a project to your account on QuickEye Server to use from any computer.  Everyone in your company can share the same working list of projects. Allows remote workers and working vacations.
Coordinate and hand off different steps and tasks.
Crunch time projects can be finished at night.
Select projects to bid and assign them to estimators.  Monitor the progress as they generate the bid.
Proper management of all your estimators, even remotely.
Color coded Measurements stay on the drawings  You have a Graphic Record, of exactly what's behind the numbers.  Review a project from anywhere.
This allows very quick and accurate reviews of even the biggest projects.
No More Oops! Review every project!
The graphic record helps production management.  In just a couple of clicks, production drawings are produced.
A production manager gets up to speed on a project quickly. Quick production target drawings are a bonus.
The colored drawings can be sent, electronically, to anyone who needs to see them.
Need to convince someone that you got it covered? No problem!
Like Quantities on the project are summed together.  Quantity Items can be converted to preferred units.  Wall lengths can be converted to Sq. Feet.  Quick-Library provides consistancy and makes proper item coding easy.  Quick-Library and Quick-Creator greatly accelerate the process.  Very short learning curve. QuickEye's innovative design is fresh.
Provide your estimators the fastest tool there is to get their jobs done.

Produces a concise Quantity Survey which is ready to price.  Works with a spreadsheet or advanced software to generate bid price. Very efficient and flexible. You get to work the way you want to.
Mac Support.  Snow Leopard, Thru Yosemite Supports any mix of macintosh and windows in your company.
Completes your electronic workflow. Fully electronic is huge! It frees you and your workers from physical constraints and costs.
Master the Electronic Bid Process.  Make Technology Work For You.
Access Drawings Everywhere: Windows - Mac - Mobile
Document Management