QuickEye for Online Planrooms
and Builders Exchanges

QuickEye Viewer and QuickEye Estimator is an excellent and free viewer, document management,and takeoff tool for your members.
QuickEye Viewer is a standalone program for viewing the complete set of documents for a project. It's easy to add to your web site.
The transfer of the list of documents works similar to the way other popular viewers work, so in many cases, it's a simple modification.

If are using IPIN, it's very quick.

  • Color document support
  • Mac Support
  • Extremely reliable install
  • Viewing, Document management and Basic Mode measuring: no charge to the Subs
  • Provides subs a way to bid private work too.
  • Document management, downloading/exporting
  • Documents feed directly into optional, advanced and affordable takeoff/estimating system
  • Viewer can also be used for indexing/Sheet Renaming
We also offer a server based, no install viewer with basic viewing features on the desktop and 'mobile' devices.

QuickEye Benefits for Freelance Estimators
Because of QuickEye's document management and sharing features,
it is the ideal system for Freelance Estimators.

  • QuickEye is an efficient, library driven takeoff tool
  • Produces Quantity Items which are ready to price
  • Produces color marked-up drawings
  • May be exported to PDF
  • Each individual measurement can be explored/reviewed
  • Entire set with all explorable markups can be instantly shared
    with customers, no extra charge for you or the customer
By providing the customer with all the complete, explorable graphic record of the quantities, QuickEye brings
the entire freelance estimating industry to a whole new level. No longer do clients need to trust your takeoff,
they can verify it all, in minutes!

Your seach for an digital screen take off tool that will run on your Mac has ended. Now you too can perform take-offs on drawings from online plan rooms or any other source for that matter.

   Runs on Monterey to Sonoma

                    NO WINDOWS

             EMULATOR NEEDED

QuickEye will run flawlessly on Windows 7 thru 11. And is by far the most bang for your on screen take off $$. Super quick to learn and very easy to use. Use from the Office, Home, job site with internet access.

Windows 10/11 PRO Tablet users can actually run the full QuickEye Estimator Takeoff System quickly and easily on the tablet

In the United States & Canada:
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   Cell: 971-219-8090

         From Australia:
(02) 8005 8092  (Sydney Area)     
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        From New Zealand:  
(09) 889 8891 (Auckland Area)
From United Kingdom:
(20) 3239 3061  (London Area)

From Anywhere:  
Email:  tom@quickeye.co
Skype ID: QuickEye-Tom
Contact Tom Berger Sr.

See QuickEye in action:(3 Minute Video)
QuickEye Benefits for General Contractors

In addition to being an efficient, library driven takeoff tool, QuickEye
has sharing features expecially for General Contractors.
  • Store all your project documents on QuickEye Server
  • Include full project documents in your Invitations to Bid
  • Use your "Document Room" to publish all desired projects to all your sub-contractors
  • Works for all your projects: pre-bid, bid, under construction, etc.
  • Documents may be viewed on any device: Smart Phones, Tablets (Android, iPad or Kindle) and Laptops
  • Even on the desktop, basic viewing is instant - no install needed
  • Subs get free access to basic take-off tools ( with free, reliable install on Desktop or Laptop, Windows or Mac)
  • No Sub registration required. No hurdles, just great bid response
  • Publish your projects, no extra charge for you or your subs
Fantastic on
multi-monitor setup

Included with a QuickEye Estimator subscription is access to viewing your bid documents on iPad, Android, Kindle and Windows tablets, and most smart phones via our mobile device systems

QuickEye Review & QuickEye Lite

Perform your quantity survey using your
computer, keyboard and mouse on either                              
Master the Electronic Bid Process.

Make Technology Work For You
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Skype ID: QuickEye-Tom